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We come on site, whatever your room size, on the following support:


  • Carpet and rug

  • Furniture (mattress, sofas, armchair, office chairs,…)

  • Drapes (suspended, no dismantling)


The properties of our products allow us to act efficiently also on the following surfaces:


  • Wooden floor

  • Marble (cleaning and shine)

  • Windows (up to 3-storey without elevator nor scafholding)

  • Blinds (in fabrics or cellular blinds)


Operation Frequency

Regarding our process and exclusive products performance, the operation frequency is reduced (comparatively to other cleaning technics). This being said, the neutral pH of our products does not deteriorate your floor coverings, making it possible to apply it regularly.

We can operate on a contract basis or on occasion.


Operation hours

Operation from Monday to Friday

Possible operation by night



Our prices are based upon the size of your site, the number of furniture and the kind of covering to clean. We are available for any quote request.

Cleaning of furniture fabrics or leather
cleaning of fitted carpet
cleaning of carpet
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