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An economical and quick solution, opened to the high expectations you have in regards to your health and the quality of life of your clients and staff!

Cleaning of carpet or fitted carpet

pH chart:

pH of Kool Cleaning products: 6,5

pH of water: 7

pH of powder: 8,25 (100 x more alcalin)

pH injection products / commerce attraction: 9,5

(1000 x more alcalin)

Kool Cleaning, an economical solution because of:

  • A very short time to apply and to dry

  • A reduced operation frequency

  • An effective and lasting process


100% ecological process

At the touch of the air, our exclusive products – applied by injection or nebulization – emulsify the dirt and create an effervescence effect. The touched particules are brought back up then absorbed.

The limited humidification reduces the drying time.


Neutral pH products

Our neutral pH products, developped for the carpet and fabrics cleaning and disinfection, are biodegradable, non toxic and without waste. Their specification depend on the kind of fabrics to clean and the degree of contamination.

The absence of powder and harmful emanation:

  • Eliminates the risk to deteriorate, fade or shrink

  • Revitalize the fabrics in restoring the shine of the genuine colors

  • Delays the stains to attach gain



We come to any type of facility (companies, hotels, day-nursery…) including during working hours, without any inconvenience for your staff and clients because of:

  • Our quick application and drying

  • Our silent equipment (14 db)

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