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Kool for your cleanings, cool for the environment !

You would like to get rid of stains and inlaid dirts on your carpet, your mats, your mattresses, sofas or armchairs?

Ecological cleaning of carpet or fitted carpet

No need to throw away your cherished objects and to invest into new and costly purchases.


Our cleaning technic on fabrics, for a regular maintenance or a deep cleaning, allows to clean up, remove stains, degrease, disinfect. We rekindle the colors of your fabrics and deodorize them.


The products we use are pH neutral, 100% non toxic and non pathogenic, which insures a perfect result without any risk for your health.


Our operation time in your house, as well as our products drying, are extremely fast (your carpet dries in less than an hour).

pH chart :

pH of Kool Cleaning products: 6,5

pH of water: 7

pH of powder: 8,25 (100 x more alcalin)

pH injection products / commerce attraction: 9,5

(1000 x more alcalin)

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